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Since year of 2002, INNERCO is a leading world-class, one-stop to the refrigeration and air-conditioning manufacturer and supplier in China.
INNERCO specialize in manufacture and export of a complete range of Air Conditioning-Refrigeration Service Tools & Equipment.
Our Factory "Zhuji INNERCO Refrigeration Components Factory" have ISO 9001:2000 Quality System Certificate, products approved "CE", "ROHS" and "UL" certification.

We are also experienced in sourcing Home appliance spare parts, Electrical Components, Insulation & Install Packing Material, Brazing & Solder Material, Test Instruments ...

Insulated AC Copper Aluminium Tube

Pancake Copper Coil

Capillary Tubing 100ft

Fixed Orifice Piston

Access Valve & Charging Valve

4-way Reversing Valve

Gas Can Tap Valve IC-CTV26

Side Can Tap Valve

Core Depressor Valve

Refrigeration Ball Valve Set

Capillary With Filter

Copper AC Filter

Freezer/Fridge air return pipe

90°Multi Bender Kit CT-999

Tube Expanding Tool CT-100

Hydraulic Tube Expander CT-300

45°Flaring & Swaging Tool Kit CT-278

45°Flaring & Swaging Tool Kit CT-275

45°Flaring & Swaging Tool Kit CT-1226

Flaring Tool CT-808A

Tube Expanders VST-22

45°Diamond Type Flaring & Burnishig Tool CT-500A

Inspect Mirror CT-501

Hydraulic Hose Crimper Tool Kit

R12 R22 To R134A Conversion Adapter

Vacuum Gauge With Hose Set VA116N

Digital Manifold Gauge Set IC-RA2013

Manifold Gauge Set IC-MT01

Charging Manifold Gauge IC-536G

Charging Manifold Gauge IC-636G

Refrigerant Gas Charging Hose


Ball Valve Tool IC-VC Series

Vacuum Pump 1VP & 2VP

A/C System Flush Gun Kit FGK-01

Refrigeration Deluxe Oil Pump IC-PCO-2

Electronic Refrigerant Charging Scale RCS-7010/7020/7030/7040

Programmable Refrigerant Charging Scale RCS-9020 & RCS-9030

Compressor Scroll Crankcase Heater

Decorative PVC Line Cover Kit for Mini Split Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps

Cork Insulation Tape/Cork Tape

Support Type Air Conditioning Cleaning Cover

Air Conditioner Cleaning Cover

Flexflair Flare Fitting

R410A Brass Charging Adapter AD-89&AD-98

R410A Brass Charging Adapter AD-78&AD-87

Copper Inverting Connector & Couple Inversion Junction

Propane / Mapp Hand Torch IC-030

Propane / Mapp Welding Torch IC-1S

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